Monday, February 11

Weekend Recap

Here's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend. 
Warning, this post is basically a mini-book, because I couldn't quit typing. What a much better problem than not being able to come up with words. :)

The Good: Dollar Tree randomly has really cool makeup. I was telling my friend at work about it, and I said, "okay, Jessica, I have something to tell you, but you're going to think I'm ghetto and cheap." 
She laughed and said, "MaryBeth, I already do."
I laughed so hard and told her that she's right. I think anybody who knows me well absolutely knows how cheap (and sometimes ghetto) I am. I'm one of those odd bloggers who doesn't count all things bought at Target a steal and a deal, and has never spent money at Anthopologie in my life. I would probably have a panic attack spending that much money on an item of clothing. And while I would love to say I don't judge, I do judge a tiny bit. 

But back to the issue at hand. 

Makeup. Dollar Tree.

I found some Bonne Bell concealer (who knew they made more than just chapstick?), a Maybelline lipliner, some Elf lip stain, and Almay eye shadow. For one dollar each. One dollar. It was thrilling. And it was even more thrilling that all of the products were great! I've never used concealer before, but this is perfect for covering up period zits (too much info?) and dark circles for the too early mornings at the coffee shop. 
The Bad: Okay, this is kind of awkward. But I'm sharing. Because I'm that type of person. At work today this guy came in three times throughout the morning. He's nice and we sort of know each other (and by sort of know each other I know his name and what kind of coffee he gets), so since I'm a friendly barista, we talked. 

The third time he came in I refilled his coffee and then he goes, "So, are you busy after work?"

I looked up, surprised, and said, "um, I'm not really sure," and then my mind said, Oh shit, he's about to ask you out, and my mouth just kept talking and saying things like, "Um, I think I might, uh, maybe have something, yeah, I'm not sure, uh, I can't remember... well, actually... I don't think so," and then I couldn't remember what day it was and if I did actually have something, and I hate lying, so I ended up with, "uh yeah, uh I think I'm just going home and that's about it."

He looked at me in confusion, "so you are busy or you aren't?"

"Um, not."

He goes, "Want to go get some lunch?" 

I very awkwardly said thank you, and I'm married, but that's nice of him to ask.

He left. Somehow I don't think I'll need to keep track of his coffee order anymore.

It was so awkward. Scratch that. I was so awkward. I told Chase that I just feel so very very married, so it throws me off when something like that happens. 

The Ugly: So, we're house-sitting for several months (yes, several months. Crazy!) for some people at our church. They have a gorgeous sweet dog. Yesterday Chase and I were watching a movie and she was near us. Her breath was horrible, so I made her leave the room, because nobody wants to watch a movie with severe halitosis in the room. Then last night, I saw her eating from the cat box. My stomach is still a little bit nauseated. So, sorry to share that, but that was honestly the ugliest part of the weekend. The situation has been fixed, and she's not allowed near the box, but it was traumatizing for me to realize that she was snacking on poo. Gross. 

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  1. Okay, first of all, WHO KNEW that the Dollar Store had makeup? Crazy! And secondly, I totally feel for your awkward Caribou incident. That kind of thing happens to me occasionally too, and I try to sneakily flash my ring, but it never works and then I end up going, "Um...uh...well...I'm engaged..." like 10 minutes after I should have! Oh gosh. Walker on the other hand, drops my name every time he even THINKS a girl is getting a little too friendly. His skills put me to shame :)

  2. Dollar Store has the BEST make-up! I'm ghetto cheap too (family problem, I think) and I shop there first for lots of things - hairbrushes, hair bands, etc. Oh, and pregnancy tests! ;)

    I think my life is much better because you blog.

  3. Oh goodness, so awkward when you get asked out after being married! That happened to me too less than three months after my wedding. I made the situation way more awkward than it needed to be!

    And the dog eating poo...I giggled a little, but I have to say, I would have been horrified too!

  4. Definitely checking out Dollar Tree! It hurts me to even spend so much on Walmart makeup!

  5. I apparently need to check out the dollar tree! Wow those are great finds. And I have that exact same reaction to being asked out...although with two kids in tow now it rarely happens!

  6. I thought the the regularly priced Elf makeup at Target was cheap and then you tell me you can get it at the dollar store?! Wow. My dog used to eat out of the cat litter box when I first got her...that was the first thing we trained out of her...haha.
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  7. I love Dollar Store make up, I have too much though, so I am on a make up diet! But I definitely know what it feels like to be asked out when you are married! Happened to me a few times since I've gotten married. And it is so very awkward each time!

  8. You got asked out?? Man, that's hilarious!! I've like, never been asked out in my life. Seriously. Because when we were just friends, Angel was really fishy and of course wouldn't actually ask me out. And then we were just suddenly together and he never asked me out along the way. I would be highly amused if anyone would ask me out now... :P

  9. This post is too funny! I can't believe someone basically asked you on a date even though your married!


  10. I just stumbled onto your blog (from someone else's blog) and so glad I have! I love the way you write, it's hilarious. Thanks for being real. And now I have to check out the dollar tree down the street from me.

  11. lol.. hilarious stories! Slash, probably not so hilarious when you were experiencing them. Also, can't believe how cheap that makeup was! such a score

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  13. lovely post! :)

  14. OH my heck I am laughing about the dog. That is too stinkin funny!

  15. Great finds at the dollar store! I actually bought a bunch of nail polish there (Sally Hansen) and it is amazing.
    Sorry about the rest of your week....Awkward and Poo Breath UG!!



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