Friday, February 8

From Baggy to Skinny Corduroys

Skinify Corduroys
Hello! I have returned from my blogging break which wasn't actually a break at all, it was just a busy life, and a lack of interest in blogging at the moment. But what's past is prologue. Or something like that... 

Let me start this post with a story: Once upon a time, I had a gift card to Target, so I went there and bought some boots. But after bringing them home, I decided they weren't quite "me", so I returned them and found some neon yellow skinny corduroy pants. So cool. I bought them and the first time, yes, the very first time I put them on, they ripped across the bootie. Which is so not cool. I returned those poorly made pants and decided I would just make my own skinny corduroys. So I did. 

Here's the before. I don't know how I ended up with a pair of pants that are so huge, but I've had these in my closet for several years. And I'm so glad I didn't donate them during one of my closet purges. 
Here's the steps I followed.
  1. Put pants on inside out. 
  2. With a sharpie, pinch the excess fabric and mark where you need to hem it. Start in the crotch area and work your way to the ankles on the inside of the pants.
  3. When you get to the knee, pinch from both the inside seam and the outer seam to make the pants balanced.
  4. Take the pants off, and sew a line along the sharpie marks.
  5. Try them on and make any adjustments you need to make. Mark where you want them to be hemmed.
  6. Cut the existing hem off and fold under twice, re-hemming the ankle.
This refashion was really simple, and I love the pants!  


  1. I love a good baggy to skinny refashion! These turned out great. I love finding something I was ready to get rid of and turning it into something new :)

  2. These turned out great, i'm hoping to turn a pair of jeans into a pair of skinny jeans using these tips!

    Sita xx

  3. Awesome I have some brown ones I need to do this to

  4. You make it look/sound so easy, but I just don't think it'll be that easy for me! The sewing machine and I just don't get along :(

    <3 danielle

  5. Very cute. I thought about doing that with some pants of mine but I can't sew...yet. I like how good they look on you.

  6. Hi I love this and your blog! Pined and fallowed! :) I just found it from the refashion co-op. I have also just returned to blog land from a short break and I am happy to be back. I would love to sponsor your blog for a while if you are still looking for sponsor. You can contact me through my blog if you want

  7. Holy moly! Teach me your ways!
    I've really been wanting to get into sewing lately, it's just one heck of an amazing skill to have. So excited to follow you girly! :)


  8. You are so talented! They look terrific! Nice job.

  9. awesome!

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  10. They look great! I made a pair once, so I appreciate what a good job you did. Adjusting the fit to look normal was the hardest part...and not twisting the inside seam. Good job!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. so cute! I love these pants. I've done this with jeans and knit pants, but hadn't though of making cords skinny.

  12. so impressive! nice work. xoxo linds {{}}

  13. Wow that is such a great idea! I love how you did that and re-used your jeans. Great look xo

  14. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!! Definitely going to try this with some of my older pants!

  15. What!!! This is awesome! You make it look so easy....I'm totally going to be doing this to a few pairs of pants for sure. Just found your blog on the thriftfanatic link up. Come visit my bloggy woggy and tell me what you think! I'm following you now!


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