Friday, January 25

Stripes, Skinnies, and Heels

I haven't done a CopyCat outfit in awhile, but I finally got inspiration and completed one! :) This outfit has some of my favorite components-- skinny jeans and a comfy striped shirt (that I wear all the time). I refashioned the skinny jeans a few months ago, and I heart them so much. 

IMG_9907stripes coral jeans blue heels
To be honest with you, I didn't wear this outfit anywhere... but I still think that discovering new outfit combinations and practicing with them is useful for improving style. So I'm going to make myself feel better by thinking that. I have been trying really hard to actually wear my outfits all day, but let's be honest--I'm probably never going to wear heels to the grocery store. I think it's awesome when people do that, but it's not my style. Maybe someday...

This was also the first time I've worn this black jacket I bought. It's a BCBG jacket that I found at a thrift shop in Texas for three dollars. Insane, right? It also has a super cool circle pattern woven into the fabric. I'm a fan. 

Outfit Details:

Coat -- BCBG via some thrift store $3
Striped Shirt -- Salvation Army $.66
Pants -- Salvation Army $1.25 Refashioned
Heels -- some thrift store $2
Necklace -- Gift

Total Cost: $7ish
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  1. If you wear your heels to the grocery store, perhaps you'll feel a bit more sophisticated while picking out your produce. :)

  2. I really like the stripy top/coloured jeans look, looks great on you, xxx

  3. Oh man, I hate changing my clothes so much that I never put on an outfit unless I'm intending to wear it for the whole day. I pretty much never put on heels unless I'm going to church or somewhere I don't have to walk much because I'm a baby about walking in them. Your outfit is so cute, though! I love colored shoes with colored jeans!

  4. I love the pink skinnies with the blue heels! I know what you mean about changing to go to the grocery store, I always tell my roommate that I probably look like her lesbian lover by the way I dress every time we go to Walmart together! haha!


  5. Love it! Stripes & colored skinnies seems to be one of the blogging world's fail-safe outfit options, and you pull it off well. :)


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