Wednesday, January 30

Floral and Stripes at Last.

Stripes and floral. People either love it or love to hate it. I was ambivalent at first, but the more I see it the more I love it. I finally put together a semi-cheating version of stripes and florals. I say semi-cheating because the skirt isn't truly floral. But I think it has at least one flower on it, plus it's springy colors, so I'm counting it as floral. I really liked this look! Plus I got several compliments from elderly ladies, so clearly I'm doing something right. Right? 
This is honestly the most snow I've ever seen. And supposedly it only gets worse. Yikes.
Here are some other striped/floral looks that I think are beautiful.

I found this picture on pinterest. Her hair is perfect! This makes me want to cut my hair even more. Perhaps I shall.
 This look was on pinterest also, which is crazy, because this is one of my blogging friends, Danielle. Clearly she has good style. Plus she's cool, which I think is because she's from Texas (like me!). :) You should go visit her blog.
Outfit Details:

Sweater -- Old Navy via Goodwill $3
Striped shirt -- Salvation Army $2?
Tank top -- Salvation Army $.66
Tights -- old
Boots -- Target $10 (Crazy clearance sale!)

Total Cost: $15.66


  1. Super cute! That skirt is really cool - it's a "floral" you can pull off in the winter. I wore a floral jacket today, but I felt it was only justified because we're having a warm snap.

  2. Old lady compliments are the best, aren't they? And are you wearing the exact same shirt and cardigan that you're wearing in your sidbar intro picture? :P And crossing your arms the same way. Just now you have short hair.


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