Saturday, January 19

Fishtail Braids and Making an Effort

As you've noticed, I got my hair cut recently. I love the new shorter length, but it's more of a challenge to style it, since there aren't as many obvious options for fixing short hair. I usually put a stretchy headband around it, fix my bangs, and put the rest in a rubber band with bobby pins to keep the short hairs up. But that's lame. And I really like it when my hair is fixed. So I googled some new ways to fix hair and find a stellar site filled with videos for fixing short hair.

This is photo journey for fixing my hair in a fishtail braid. :)
Fishtail Braid and Texture
My hair after a shower and running a brush through it.
The styling tools
I started by putting mousse through my hair and blowdrying it upside down. Then, since my hair is baby soft and fine, I put MORE mousse in it after it was dry.
Then, using the 1" curling iron, I curled tiny sections of my hair, and ran my fingers through it afterward, so it wouldn't be too prom-looking.
Using the straightener, I curled my bangs under and brushed them to the side.
I sectioned off some hair from my non-bang side and made a tiny little fishtail braid. I put an elastic on the end and pulled the pieces out a little bit to make it softer and wider. With a bobby pin, I pinned it back, under some of the top hair. I added a few more curls and hairsprayed my hair for more texture. 

And that was it! I think it took me around 12 minutes to fix my hair. Which is ridiculous. When I don't fix my hair, I'm sure I spend at least 12 minutes making it look non-horrible. So it would really just be better for me to make a small effort on my hair each day. I'm going to try to fix my hair in a new way at least once a week to expand my short hair style horizons. I will mos def post pictures when I do to try and keep myself accountable and motivated.


  1. So cute. Love it!
    Eryka @ ABCDE

  2. Hi! I've recently started following your blog, I love all your tutorials, they're amazing!
    Your hair looks cute with the little braid, I had real short hair for years but found it really hard to do anything interesting with it, I wish I'd seen this post then!

    Love, Lauren.

  3. Oh please keep sharing, I've cut my long hair a couple of weeks ago, and though our hairs are quite different, some ideas are welcome. I loved the new look by the way.

  4. This looks so cute! I'm actually trying to grow mine out after having it short since... High school? But our length is pretty similar. Good to know there are still some cute styles available! (; thanks!

  5. Hi MaryBeth, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! It's because I love your blog and think it's awesome:D I've posted about it on my blog so you can get more information-
    Best wishes,
    Freya May
    p.s. Love your hair!

  6. 12 minutes to have your hair DRIED and fixed?? Yeesh.

    Have you ever seen the Small Things blog? Her hair is longer than yours, but I think you could rock some of these styles.

  7. Your hair turned out great!! Maybe I should try putting some effort into my hair sometime. I get kind of lazy--I usually like what it does on its own so most of the time I let it have it's way and slap a pretty bow or flower in it.

  8. Sigh...I'm wanting to cut my hair...spent 3 years growing it it's almost to my waist. You're hair is adorable!

    Thanks for linking up with us thru the Resolutions in Motion Blog Hop! Happily following you now!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle


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