Sunday, January 13

Death and Rebirth

Okay, this blog post is not going to be entertaining or anything. Basically we got a new chair and I'm putting pictures up of it. But this post does illustrate a very important point about thrift stores and my husband, which we will get to in a moment.

But first, here's our broken chair that we clearly had to replace.
Such a cute, sad little chair.
The legs were doing some craaaazy things. 
And here's the new chair! 

Chase and I went to Salvation Army to search for a worthy replacement. As we were walking in, we saw a handwritten note that said the furniture was 25% off. Awesome. We found this guy for $18 and went to pay. Chase was the one paying since I got distracted by looking at the jewelry or scarves or something. The lady rang up the chair and told him the total was twenty-something. Chase looked very nicely at her and told her that no, it shouldn't be twenty-something, because there was a sign that said the furniture was 25% off today, so it should be around fifteen dollars. 

I walked up around this time and we paid and left. In the parking lot, Chase started laughing and said, "I can't believe that I just bargained with the lady at Salvation Army to get this chair cheaper." 

Which, actually is quite significant, because before we started dating, Chase never, ever, ever, not even once!, had been to a thrift store. I quickly remedied the situation by taking him on a date to Goodwill. And now he's thrifting along with the best of them. I'm so proud of him. :)

And the chair is awesome. 


  1. Yay Chase!!

    I have similarly never been to a thrift store (!) so I've decided that's where our next blogger date will be :)

  2. Oh that is too funny. James has never been thrifting e v e r either. I told him that that is where I get about 98% of everything. We finally went to a goodwill last weekend and bought him pants. Now he planning to find ever more thriftstores this weekend so we can shop. haha.

    I love the new chair by the way. It is cool that you got it so cheep. The Salvation Army down here had one like that and wanted 45, same price Walmart sells new chairs. I passed.

  3. Oh I am JEALOUS!! I love those chairs! haha. Unfortunately the thrift store I shop at never has any good furniture/chairs when I'm there. I must be hitting it on the wrong days lol.

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