Thursday, December 27

The Woes of Internet

So. My Internet situation while on Christmas vacation has been rather precarious. To say the least. At my parents house they get Internet.

 Or rather, they can pick up the neighbor's Internet.
The only thing is you have to be in the living room.
Sitting on the couch.
On the middle cushion.
Yes, that's right.

Needless to say, I had a difficult impossible time updating my blog. If I were a good organized blogger, I would have scheduled posts for vacation time, but hell, I packed the day we left for Christmas. I'm clearly not the blog scheduling type. :) But that's okay. I'm sure you guys were all having a great time with family and uninterested with blog updates.

So, Christmas. Mine was great. In fact, I'm writing this post on my new ipad while wearing a new sweater and yoga pants. Basically perfect. I hope you guys all had a stellar Christmas.

Also, FYI, I'm chopping my hair off tomorrow. Almost all of it. Rest assured that I will post before and after pictures. I'm terrified and excited. And if anybody knows how to upload pictures from an iPad to blogger, I would love some tips. I can't get mine to work. :(

Thursday, December 20

Secret Santa Reveal

For the first time ever, I was a part of a blogger gift swap. I signed up warily, mostly because I love getting mail, but I was nervous for sure. I knew, I just knew, that whoever got me would flake out and I would put effort into sending a gift and get nothing. Which sounds very Scrooge-ish of me. Haha. So I sent my gift and tried to prepare for the possibility that I wouldn't get a gift. But I totally did! Clearly I need to adjust my expectations of other people.

Lesley, from the Dream Tree, was my secret Santa. She mailed me an adorable package. She seriously could have put coal in it and I wouldn't have cared. That's how much of a mail hor I am. But luckily she bought me a great gift.

Inside the package was a book called Craft-A-Day. It was filled with simple, cute crafts, like mustache rings, cupcake toppers, and decorative journal ideas. How fun! 

I clearly have no children (that I know of) to make clothes for, but this onesie is too too cute. I'm going to have to make this for when my friends and siblings start having babies. Seriously, a whale onesie? I love it.

I sent my gift to Alejandra at Army Wife, Mommy Life. I really enjoyed getting connected with two bloggers that I never would have found otherwise. They both seem really cool. :D So maybe, just maybe, I'll participate in other blogger gift swaps since this one turned out to be so great. We'll see. :)

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Monday, December 17

My New Favorite Band

I love this band. Like love love. Sometimes when I'm at home alone, I put the computer on the Jayesslee station and listen to all of their songs in a row. It's pitiful. But great. So you guys should listen to them! I doubt you'll love them as much as I do (that would be really difficult!), but I'm sure you'll love them almost as much. 

I Won't Give Up -- Jason Mraz cover

Silent Night

Try -- Pink Cover

Sunday, December 16

Of North Face and Uggs

I haven't been thrifting in awhile, but here are some of my more recent finds. I bought this North Face (or is it NorthFace?) jacket at Goodwill. It's always been one of my small thrifting goals to find a North Face. And I saw this one on a rack in Goodwill for $10. Seriously. I'm not a huge fan of purple, though, and sometimes I secretly make fun of people who wear North Face jackets, so I decided to sell it on ebay. I'm awful, I know. But I sold it for $45. Insane. At least now I know I can financially support my thrifting addiction.
I also bought these Ugg shoes at a different thrift store for $5. They are in my size, but I still can't decide if I like them or not. I think I'm going to ebay these guys off also. We'll see.
I am NOT a hat-wearing person. I think I've worn a hat maybe five times in my life. But since I live in freakishly cold Chicago, I decided I should buy a few hats. I actually love this one from H & M. Maybe I'll actually wear it out this winter. :)
My last thrifting purchase was super exciting to me! My work friends and I had a girls' night planned where we were going to learn how to crochet and watch West Side Story. I was at Goodwill a few days before and found ten skeins of yarn for $.49 each. It was perfect timing! The yarn was really nice quality and was soft without being overly fluffy. I made an infinity scarf and wear it all the freaking time. 
What have you guys thrifting lately?

Saturday, December 15

Tis the Season for Legwarmers

Legwarmers. Some people love them and some people hate them. I happen to love them. :) I bought two pair of legwarmers last season, but I really haven't worn them much. But I was out Christmas shopping the other day, and I noticed that one store had a package of legwarmers, but they were re-labelled as "boot toppers." Genius. Especially since I am completely, irrevocably in love with my ankle boots. I tried the legwarmers with some jeggings and my ankle boots and loved it. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, I realized how black and gray and brown my outfit is... Oh well. I'm just going to have to own those colors and realize that I can't escape. 

In other news, we had to go to the DMV today to transfer a title, and I only had one minor meltdown. I'm not sure what it is about that place, but I dread going there every. single. time. Which luckily is only about once a year. Also, if any of you happen to go, don't take coffee inside just in case the grumpy security guard with delusions of grandeur gets mad at you for not reading the teeny sign that says no food and drink and makes you take your mug back to the car while it's raining and then come back in and get back in line. 

This is purely a hypothetical situation. Obvi. 

It's almost Christmas! And I have to finish shopping. Which is what I will be doing the rest of this weekend. :)

Outfit Details:

Cardigan -- Old Navy via Goodwill $3
Shirt -- Salvation Army $.66
Jeggings -- Kohls (free with gift card)
Legwarmers -- Target (gift)
Boots -- Target $15

Total Cost: $18.66

Tuesday, December 11

Floral and Zooey

I have been having a really hard time posting on my blog. I'm not even really sure why. I just have been wordless lately. Which is okay. I'm sure I'll get my words back soon. Hopefully. 

The other day I was bored. And I had been watching Army Wives, because it's my new favorite show and may just possibly be the best show in the entire world minus grey's anatomy and gossip girl of course but it's still a pretty great show and do you see what I mean about my words? Geez. Run on sentence, much? So I liked Denise's bangs. About ten minutes before we were leaving for a church function, I grabbed my sewing scissors and cut bangs. Why? I don't know. The only explanation I could come up with is that I'm bipolar, because on 90210, Silver quit taking her bipolar medication and then did crazy things with her hair. Chase said that's unrealistic. I said that he needs to watch more tv so he can learn from it like I do. But whoever's right, I now have bangs. I kind of like them. 

Also, not to gossip, but has anybody gotten emails from Kohls about putting links on their blog? They emailed me and said they saw one of my blog posts where I wore some jeggings from Kohls. They said they were concerned with Kohls being fairly represented online and noticed that I hadn't embedded a link to the jeans. I told them to ef off. I'm totes kidding. I just deleted their email. I hate it when people tell me what to do or expect me to advertise for them. So I think Kohls will be the new store that I love to hate. I'll keep shopping there because they give out awesome coupons, but the email seemed a little over-zealous at the least. Whatevs.


This. This is why I don't make natural faces in pictures. They always turn out like somebody
pointed a bright light in my face and I'm surprised about something. Cheesy smiling it is. 

Outfit Details:

Gray shirt -- Goodwill $3
Tank -- Salvation Army $.66
Jeans -- Kohls $8 (Awesome!)
Boots -- Target (gift from my brother)

Total Cost: $11.66

Monday, December 10

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: I randomly signed up on Influenster, which is some sort website where you fill out surveys and then they send you samples of products to try. I actually have never filled out a survey yet on it, but they sent me an email a few days ago saying that I was going to receive the Cosmo Voxbox. I was thrilled! This is the first free thing I've gotten from blogging. And like everybody, I totes love free stuff. There was perfume, a super nice razor with an extra cartridge, two pens, and a bar of chocolate. I was v. happy. :)


The Bad: Okay, this one is actually another good, but it's going in this category. When we went to Texas for the funeral, Chase's grandmother gave us a car. Which was awesome. We've been sharing a car since we got married, which btw, definitely helps you be more flexible and communicative. So we cancelled our return plane tickets and drove the 17+ hours home. It was a long drive, but it was actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
Somewhere around Amarillo watching the sunrise

The Ugly: Okay, the only thing I can think of for this would be a little state called Oklahoma. We drove through the entire state and I honestly don't think I have ever disliked a state more. (If any blog people live in Oklahoma, I'm sorry...) I was so happy when we finally got to Missouri.
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Monday, December 3

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Good: So, I love following television shows. But I have a hard time finding interesting ones that I enjoy watching. I was searching Netflix trying to find a new show to watch during the evenings when Chase is loaded with homework, and I decided to try Army Wives. It is uh-mazing. I seriously love it. 

The Bad: Chase's grandfather passed away on Saturday night. He has been in poor health for awhile, so it was kind of expected, but obviously still difficult. We are actually in Texas right now for the funeral (Thank God for scheduled blog posts). 

The Ugly: Um, two words. LastMinute AirlineFare. It sucks. I think all airline companies are spawn of Satan. Not really. But kind of. I guess I should actually be incredibly grateful that it's possible to travel 1200 miles in five hours. That's kind of awesome. I still think that somebody should just invent how to teleport, but until that happens I'll just have to deal with the devilish airlines.

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Saturday, December 1

Les Mis

As mentioned previously, I adore Les Miserables. I bought Broadway tickets for Chase and I the day they went on sale in September, and we went on Wednesday night. It was wonderful. 

I pondered what I was going to wear for at least a week. And then I remembered that I had spontaneously bought a Michael Kors dress on sale this summer. That dress is one of the few pieces of clothing I've bought brand new. But it was Michael Kors. And it was twenty-five dollars. I couldn't pass it up. However, it was too big for me, so it stayed wrapped up in my closet. I finally worked up the courage to cut apart the dress and alter it to fit me. I was thrilled that it actually worked! I'm pretty brave when it comes to chopping apart thrift store items, because if it doesn't work than I've only lost $.66. But a Michael Kors dress? I would have cried if I ruined it. But luckily it worked out. 
We rode the train into the city. Which is always fun. :)
And then we walked the half a mile to the theatre. There were no pictures allowed in the auditorium, sadly, but it was awesome. The girl who played Fantine had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. It was amazing. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a play more than I've enjoyed Les Mis. 
When we were walking back to the train station, we passed rows of lit-up trees. It was so cool walking through downtown Chicago, with huge buildings on each side and Christmas lights and decorations. It was seriously great. Until I had to wake up at 5 am the next morning for work after getting home at 1 am. But whatevs. Life is about sacrifice, right? :)

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