Friday, June 29

Chair Reupholster

Before   -----   After

When we moved to Chicago, rather than renting a moving truck and paying a boat-load of money for that, we sold all of our furniture on Craigslist and bought new furniture when we got here. But clearly, I hate spending money, so the new furniture we got was really thrift-store and Craigslist furniture. We were looking for a semi-attractive computer chair that would look nice and match our living room. We found an antique chair at Goodwill for $3.99. Unfortunately, it didn't match and it was wobbly. But us, being the resouceful, thrifty people we are, bought it anyway with plans to make it over.

The original chair. It was in surprisingly good shape for costing 3.99.
 Step One: Cut off and remove the old fabric. This part was the most tedious. I used a screwdriver and some pliers to take out the nail head trim and the 400 staples that kept the fabric in place.

Step Two: Paint. For this chair, I spraypainted it with white spraypaint first. That provided the base coat so I didn't have to put the paint on as thickly with the brush. When the spraypaint dried, Chase brush painted the chair with glossy white paint.

Step Three: Recover the chair. This fabric was a sweater I found at Salvation Army for $.66. It was going to be used to recover the pillows I made, but I had enough for those, so I saved this for the chair. I cut the fabric so it fit the chair, but had extra length hanging off the edge. Using a staple gun, I pulled the fabric tightly down, and stapled in the same place the original staples were. It was kind of tricky to fit it around the back of the chair, but I cut and stapled until it worked out. Make sure the staples are as close together as you can make them.

Step Four: Trim the fabric right underneath the staples.

 Step Five: Add trim. I bought this trim at Hobby Lobby for $.99 per yard in the upholstery section. It took 2 yards and I had a little bit left over. I just used hotglue to attach it. Be certain the trim you buy is wide enough to cover all of the staples.

Step Six: Stabilize the chair. We bought some L-brackets from Home Depot for $1.50, I think. Chase drilled the holes and attached these on the two back legs to keep it from wobbling as much.

Step Seven: Admire the beautiful finished product. :)

Thursday, June 28


I don't know about the rest of you, but my facebook feed has been blown up with,

"Obama sucks and has violated every single constitutional right in the world and is probably certainly for sure going to make the United States into a socialist nation and he's probably going to kill all the conservatives because we disagree and we're right and basically the entire world is going to hell, but at least maybe the rapture will come sooner since the supreme court went all liberal on us and sided with that socialist moron. And maybe we'll just move to Canada!"

Whew. That was exhausting just typing that. I'm still not certain why people despise the health care plan so much. It's obvious why insurance companies do. But I still don't understand why normal people would be so drastically against this plan that it's a national tragedy the Supreme Court allowed it to stay in existence. Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny people coverage for a pre-existing condition. Yeah, that's socialism right there. What? I think national health care is a fantastic idea, and the fact that the United States is one of the only developed nations not to support it is somewhat surprising. It's also the reason I am going to one day move to Great Britain. But that's neither here nor there.

The real reason for this post is because I found a hilarious website that I had to share. I first thought, hmm, maybe I'll link it on facebook? But then one half of a second later I realized that it would turn into a horrible debate, which I actually relish debates and arguments, but it would be the conservative masses against me.

I need more liberal friends.

So, the website? Here it is. It's the funniest thing I've read in awhile. For all the people that want to craft and remake random crap into beautiful things, I will post a tutorial tomorrow. For today I hope you enjoy the passionate typing of one twenty-something moderate-liberal.

Tuesday, June 26

Of Puma and the Chicago Cubs

Well, today is June 26th, which means it's been approximately two months since my last blog post. I know, I know. I've crushed the hopes and dreams of my followers by not updating. However, I am here today to revive the dying flame within each and every one of you by finally making a blog post. In the last two months I finished my first year of teaching, packed up our apartment, and moved cross-country to a town near Chicago. Blogging was not high on my priority list. 

But now that we are all moved in to our 300 square foot studio apartment (!!), I have plenty of time to update my blog. Or go shopping to Salvation Army. Usually Salvation Army wins. The area we live in is somewhat ritzy, which means you can find disgustingly cheap, brand-name clothes at the thrift stores. It's like heaven. My husband and I went shopping this evening because we were tired of staying home, and we left feeling like bandits. Here's a summary of my good deals. :)

Puma tennis shoes -- $3.50

Munro flats --$2.00 

 I had never heard of these shoes before, but they were ridiculously comfortable flats, and since I destroyed my last pair of black flats from wearing them constantly for four years, I bought these. I looked them up online here when I got home because, I admit, I'm a brand snob and wanted to see how expensive these shoes were originally. They were somewhere in the neighborhood of $105. Crazy.

Express blazer -- $2.06

 This was by far my favorite find of the day. I've been looking for a black blazer, and this one fit perfectly, and is simple enough that it can go with skinny jeans and flats or I can wear it with slacks or a skirt. I almost peed my pants from excitement when I found this.

Cubs shirt -- $1.56    Mossimo v-neck -- $.33 (no, that was not a typo)
Isn't this Cubs shirt perfect? We decided when we moved here that we would be Cubs fans rather than White Sox fans. That decision was completely arbitrary and had nothing to do with the teams, and in the end we decided because when we went to buy jerseys, they didn't have any White Sox jerseys in Chase's size. Also I like blue. It reminds me of the Rangers. My final find was a dark brown v-neck that I forgot to photograph because I tried it on and it was too comfortable to take off.

So basically, you should move to a teensy apartment in a nice neighborhood because you can go to the thrift stores and find good brands for stupid cheap.
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