Monday, April 30

Dolce & Gabbana Endeavors

 I have been planning a jeans refashion in my head for several weeks now, inspired by these Dolce & Gabbana jeans. Aren't they lovely?

I finally finished planning it in my head these last few days, and since I found that giant lace tablecloth, I'm ready to make them! I will post a picture tutorial later tonight. Unless somehow I get distracted watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy, which is surprisingly likely to happen. I will try to channel my inner-seamstress until I finish. Or sew while I watch. That sounds like a good plan.

I can't find the price on these, but it's something astronomical...


$745 Dolce & Gabbana

Something expensive, also.
So, channeling my inner Dolce & Gabbana love, I'm going to try to mimic these.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 26

Saint Teresa

I decided from time to time I'm going to post about different subjects in which I'm interested on this blog. One, because not too many people read this, and I think I have already sufficiently offended most of my facebook friends, and two, it will help me organize my thoughts and have a place to vent them.

I read a prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila today that is absolutely beautiful and motivating.

Let nothing upset you,
Let nothing startle you.
All things pass;
God does not change.
Patience wins all it seeks.
Whoever has God lacks nothing:
God alone is enough.
I like the phrase "All things pass; God does not change." It puts a lot of frustrations and stresses of life into perspective. May God grant us hearts that focus on Him.

Tuesday, April 24

Style: Paisley Schoolteacher

 You know those days where you have gone to work with your hair in a ponytail and no make-up too many days in a row? That was me for the last few days, so I decided to only snooze my alarm twice (a record!) so I could curl my hair and make an effort to look decent. :) I love the boots and tights look, so since it's technically still Spring, I wore it one last time before it gets too warm.

 How awesome is this dress? I found it at the Salvation Army for $2, and after a quick sew on the neckline to make it a bit more modest, it has become my favorite dress.

Outfit Details:

Dress--Salvation Army: $2
Tights--George Brand at Walmart: $5
Boots--Goodwill: $6

Total Cost: $13

Monday, April 23

DIY Lace Earrings

I went thrift-store shopping today and scored this lace tablecloth for two dollars. I have such big plans for all of the lace skirts and lace shirts and lace dresses and lace everything I will make. I didn't feel like sewing tonight, though, so I decided to make lace earrings. Because that's a thing now.
 Isn't the lace beautiful? Isn't our Harper cat beautiful too? It's stained with kool-aid (thus the two dollar tag...), but there are plenty of non-stained parts to work with.
 I looked through the lace and found a pattern, cut out two identical pieces, then painted each side with Elmer's glue to make the lace stiffer.

 I let it dry, then inserted earring hooks, and done! I luf them alot alot. I'll probably wear them for the rest of the week. Think I'm joking? Definitely not joking. :) In other news, we found an apartment in Chicago today and will be moving in 5 1/2 weeks. I can't wait to live in such an exciting city! I'm not going to lie, though, the most exciting thing for me is going to be seeing the huge silver bean-shaped sculpture that was in the movie The Vow. That's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Saturday, April 21


What do you do with t-shirts that sit in your closet (or your husband's closet) that never get worn? Make a skirt, of course! 


1. Cut the t-shirts into four inch sections. Put the bottom hem of one t-shirt at the top, and the other hem        
     at the bottom so you don't have to hem the skirt.
2. Pin and sew shirt in alternating colors.
3. Iron seams down.
4. Lay skirt out and trim the ends to even it out.
5. Sew the edge of the skirt, making sure to keep the stripes matched up. Taper slightly in as you get     
    closer to the waist.
6. Done! 

Note: My skirt was longer than what I wanted, so I folded the top strip down to create a waistband.

Anthro-Inspired Polka Dots

It is the weekend! How nice to have a full Saturday ahead to do whatever non-school-related stuff I want to. :) 
I finally took pictures of the polka dot black pants I made a few weeks ago to make a tutorial. My inspiration were these Anthropologie pants. Aren't they gorgeous? This tutorial is one of the easiest and most fun sewing projects I have done. Plus, the results look amazing! Here is the before and after picture, again. I bought a pair of plain black Dickies brand pants at Goodwill for $3. They fit really well throughout the waist and hips, but they were too flared for my style. 

Since I didn't take pictures when I made my pants, I demonstrated on a different pair. The first thing I did was flip the pants inside out and sew them down into a skinny pant. Here's a wonderful tutorial on a blog for converting regular pants into skinny pants. After I sewed them as tight as I needed them, I tried them on and marked how long I wanted the pants to be.
 I rolled the hem and sewed it. I think I did a 5/8 inch hem to try to make it look as much like the original hem as possible.
 Now, time for the polka dots! I bought some cheap paint from Wal-Mart and used the eraser from a mechanical pencil for the stencil for the dots.
 It was the perfect size and shape. I poured some paint in a small dish and lightly dabbed the eraser in the paint to make the dots.
 Using masking tape, I layed out the tape about 1 1/2 inches apart. Starting on the left side of the pant leg, I made polka dots every inch or so. I only did the polka dots above the tape, and when those were finished, I made the dots below the tape, trying to make the polka dots lined up the opposite direction of the tape.
 This part was very time consuming, and probably took about two hours. Also, I was nervous about getting the dots even, but it is actually very difficult to mess up on.
 The final product. I was so proud of how they turned out!
 Here's a picture of the dots up close. They are not perfectly filled in by any means. I was going to go back through and fill them in with a small paintbrush, but then I decided I liked how imperfect it was. I think it makes them look much more modern than the perfect polka-dots.

 These pants are so versatile! I like wearing them with a white tank top and sandals for a casual Saturday, or dressed up more with a bright tank top and heels.
 Showing off my awesome earrings I found for one dollar at the thrift store in town. They are so retro and fun.

Outfit cost:
Pants--Goodwill $3 + $1 paint = $4
Tank top--H&M in Spain = $5
Heels--Thriftshop = $6
Earrings--Thriftshop = $1

Total: $16

Monday, April 9

DIY Tank Dress

A few weeks ago when I got my sewing machine, I went through my closet and put everything that I haven't worn in the last year in a box. It's my refashioning stash and whenever I need something to do, I look through and find clothing to redo. This evening while Chase slaved away on a giant religion paper, I looked in my box and decided to make a tank-top dress. I had a sundress I bought on sale at least four years ago and a semi-stretched out tank top. 
The lining was ripping out on the tank top, so it definitely was ready for a refashioning.
 I cut the dress and tank top apart. While looking at this picture I just now noticed how unevenly I cut the dress. Oops. I promise it will look better if you cut it straight. So don't follow my example on this part. I ended up cutting about six more inches off the tank top to make the waist of the dress higher.
 The front part of the dress had elastic in it already, but the back didn't, so I put the sewing machine on the largest stitch possible and sewed one long line. I grabbed ahold of one side of the thread and pulled it to gather the skirt.
 Turn the skirt inside out, and put the tank top inside. The tank top is right-side out, it's just upside down inside the skirt. I started by pinning the two side seams together, then pinned the rest around to make sure it stayed even.
 I sewed the tank top and the skirt together around...
 ...and tried it on to find out that it was pretty uneven.
 Blegh. Luckily, this problem is easily fixed. I cut some of the lining out of the dress and sewed it together to make a sash. After I turned it right side out, I ironed it flat.
 And it covered it nicely!
Sorry for the myspace picture. I never realized how hard it
 is to get the self-timer to take a full-body picture!
 The back of the dress.
 And the front. Self-timer does not take great pictures...

This dress was a pretty easy project. The only problem is that the skirt part isn't very stretchy, so I have to be careful getting the dress on and off. I think I should have sewed the skirt onto some elastic the same size as the tank top, and then sewed my shirt into the elastic. That would probably add some extra stretch. I am excited to make more of these! I think it will be perfect for summer. 

Saturday, April 7

XL Lace Tank to an XS Lace Tank

I'm a sucker for lace, so when I saw two of these Old Navy lace tank tops for one dollar each at the thrift store, I bought them and had great plans for refashioning them. It was slightly large...
 It definitely needs some work.

Isn't the lace on it beautiful?
 I started out by turning it inside out and taking it in at the shoulder seams. After that I took in the side seams. I tried it on and took it in in both parts again.

The back wasn't very feminine looking, so I traced a line to make it cut in more, kind of like a racerback tank. I hemmed the arm holes to make them look more finished. 

 I tried it on again, but the arm-holes were looking rough! I guess that's what happens when you try to change an XL to an XS.  Not to worry. While wearing it, I folded the extra fabric in and pinned it, and then very carefully I took it off. I re-hemmed the arms, trimmed the extra lace hanging over the sides and I was done.
 The finished product. I fits really nicely. If I were doing it again I would not have hemmed and sewed to make it smaller. It took me at least two hours to try it on, take it in, try it on again, take it in, and so on and so forth. I should have gotten a tank top that fit the way I wanted this one to fit and traced the pattern and cut it apart. It would have gone a lot quicker that way and would probably be more accurate. With the black shirt, I'm probably going to take it in around the neck but leave it baggy and put elastic around the waist to make it into a tunic. We'll have to see what happens.
 The new shirt looks great with my polka-dot black pants. :)

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