Monday, December 10

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: I randomly signed up on Influenster, which is some sort website where you fill out surveys and then they send you samples of products to try. I actually have never filled out a survey yet on it, but they sent me an email a few days ago saying that I was going to receive the Cosmo Voxbox. I was thrilled! This is the first free thing I've gotten from blogging. And like everybody, I totes love free stuff. There was perfume, a super nice razor with an extra cartridge, two pens, and a bar of chocolate. I was v. happy. :)


The Bad: Okay, this one is actually another good, but it's going in this category. When we went to Texas for the funeral, Chase's grandmother gave us a car. Which was awesome. We've been sharing a car since we got married, which btw, definitely helps you be more flexible and communicative. So we cancelled our return plane tickets and drove the 17+ hours home. It was a long drive, but it was actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
Somewhere around Amarillo watching the sunrise

The Ugly: Okay, the only thing I can think of for this would be a little state called Oklahoma. We drove through the entire state and I honestly don't think I have ever disliked a state more. (If any blog people live in Oklahoma, I'm sorry...) I was so happy when we finally got to Missouri.
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  1. HA! Try driving through Arkansas! That is way worse. And when you stop for food/ gas/ bathrooms and try to talk to the people? I swear inbreeding damages the language receptors in the brain. I always feel like I lose a few I.Q. points just from being in Arkansas. I've never felt that way about Oklahoma. I actually love their turnpike with the posted speed limit of 75!

  2. What, free stuff. Do you get bonus points for referring a friend sign m up!

  3. Visiting through the GBU link up! I keep hearing more and more about the Vox Box. I am thinking about signing up. The free stuff looks totally worth it! 17 hours in a car! Man I dont think I could do that. I am a very antsy person. Glad you had a good trip!


  4. I've been thinking about signing up for Influenster...don't know yet if it's really my kind of thing, but free stuff from blogging is definitely a good thing!

  5. I loooooove Influenster! I got the Vox Box, too, and it was AWESOME! And I'm super excited for you and Chase about the car thing!!! That's great! It was perfect timing, too - right before the cold hits! :)

  6. I just signed up for Influenster (Kate got me hooked), but I have yet to gain any points or qualify for boxes. Boo! Hopefully soon!

  7. Those items in your Influenster box look fantastic!

  8. Aww...I lived in Oklahoma for 15 years!! I have to admit that there is a LOT of flat land, but I loved it and do miss it... I'm from Missouri though. :) That's where I was born lol.

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