Monday, July 23

All About Hair

Want to hear a story? Once upon a time, there was a girl who had long-ish hair, because she was growing it out for her wedding. She got married, and promptly cut it to a chin length bob. Then she grew it a bit, cut it, grew it, and cut it. (She was a bit indecisive...) But then one day, she thought, I'm just going to grow it out. So she did. Her hair grew to the longest it had been in over two years. And then one day she realized that she didn't want to grow her hair out anymore. She wanted to cut it. Short. Shorter than her husband's hair. Eek. 

These pictures are my hair inspiration right now. However, my sister is getting married in less than three weeks, so I think out of courtesy I should wait until after that. How cute are these cuts?

I love, love, love Anne Hathaway's hair. I can't decide if it looks so good because it's a cute haircut or just because she's a freaking gorgeous person so any hair would look good on her. What do you guys think?
My hair isn't long enough to give to Locks of Love, but it IS long enough to donate to Pantene's Beautiful Locks program. Even if I hate having short hair, donating it would probably make me feel better because I could think about all the people my small ponytail of chopped hair could potentially be helping. Actually nevermind. It takes like six ponytails to make one wig, so it would help approximately one-sixth of a person. Which is something, right?

In other news, the Les Mis movie is going to be disgustingly wonderful. Watch this trailer.

Now, on to man-hair. Chase and I have been completely, irrevocably in love with Grey's Anatomy. Also, his hair is semi-similar to Patrick Dempsey's, in that it's dark, thick, and wavy. He's been growing it out, and as his personal stylist, I cut it yesterday using pictures of McDreamy. It looks fantastic. But there aren't any pictures right now. I told Chase I was going to put a picture of him on my blog, and he said, "I don't want everybody on the internet seeing me."

I assured him I only had twenty-eight followers, so really, not a large number of people would be seeing him.

He said, "But you had over three hundred page views yesterday. What if after you put my picture up the page view number jumps. I don't want to make you feel bad."

I told him that's very sweet, but honestly I have no problem exploiting him as eye candy if it makes my readership grow. :)

Just kidding. Here's the less-hot-than-my-husband Patrick Dempsey for you. Chase's hair looks like a shorter version of that.

Now, back to the million dollar question: Should I cut my hair or keep letting it grow?


  1. Cut it. If you don't, you'll always wonder how it would have looked. I've had short hair and loved it. I don't do well with the same style for more than a few months, so I sympathize with the grow-it-out-chop-it-off syndrome.

    1. I think I will! Ruth told me she would cry and kill me if I cut it before her wedding, so I'll do it right afterward. Plus, I wouldn't have to redo my highlights, because with short hair I could just color it dark brown all over. Cheaper and easier.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Right afterward huh? I could bring some scissors and chop it off right there in the parking lot. And don't worry about the $. I'm cheap... erm... I mean inexpensive. Forgive me for MBeuphenizing.

  2. Heck yes, I would cry! And kill you :) And I rather like you, so I don't want that to happen.

    1. Well thanks. I'll wait til after your wedding. But seriously... think of all the kids with cancer. Are you sure I can't do it?


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