Saturday, April 21


What do you do with t-shirts that sit in your closet (or your husband's closet) that never get worn? Make a skirt, of course! 


1. Cut the t-shirts into four inch sections. Put the bottom hem of one t-shirt at the top, and the other hem        
     at the bottom so you don't have to hem the skirt.
2. Pin and sew shirt in alternating colors.
3. Iron seams down.
4. Lay skirt out and trim the ends to even it out.
5. Sew the edge of the skirt, making sure to keep the stripes matched up. Taper slightly in as you get     
    closer to the waist.
6. Done! 

Note: My skirt was longer than what I wanted, so I folded the top strip down to create a waistband.


  1. You're Amazing. This stuff is so cool.

  2. Ruth ArnoldApril 23, 2012

    Hey, do you make things for people's birthday if you love them and they follow your blog? :)


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